WSP Module Player for C++ 5.2.6

No Image WSP Module Player in a DLL or static library adds support for module music playback to your application. Supported formats are MOD, S3M and XM. For more info visit "".

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Zen Cart Make-A-Deal Module 2.7.5

Make-A-Deal module for Zen Cart is completely automated mod that will make offer to your customers based on what they do in your store. Your store isn`t just waiting for customer to make order anymore - it is making offers and deals for you! Make-A-Deal module for Zen Cart is a great Behavioral Targeting Tool

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X-Cart Google Checkout L2 4.6.9: X-Cart Google Checkout Level 2 payment module
X-Cart Google Checkout L2 4.6.9

module advanced features: ... Support for Product Attributes ... Module supports product attributes with price modifications (like "Size XXL +$10"). ... Support for Taxes ... All standard tax modules are supported "out of the box"! Unique feature: taxes are calculated on-line based on final billing address of your customer! ... Support for Custom Tax Modules ... Supports Tax Modules, created according to x-Cart requirements ... Support for Shipping

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Index Files Search Words 7.51: Indexes multiple files for subsequent quick searching.
Index Files Search Words 7.51

modules: 1. An index module which is used to create an index of the files to be searched. 2. A search module which is used to search those files. The index module is capable of indexing a hierarchy of over 1000 HTML files, totaling over 20 MB, and containing over 50,000 different words. Even with that number of different words the search module returns results in a few seconds. The results are displayed by the software and can also be displayed in

indexing, search, file, find, characters, words, index, scan, text, subfolders, list

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Site Map for Zen Cart 1.4.5

module for dynamic site map generation. With help of this module you will achieve two important goals: (a) your customers always will be able to find correct page on your site without any problem. Your visitors will like your site! (b) Search Engine Optimization. If you will use this module in conjunction with SEO Links turned ON you will get the best search results! Sitemap for Zen Cart module features: ... 4 Step very easy installation, start using

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Book library 2.1: Book Library for Manage Books Collection on Joomla 1.6
Book library 2.1

Modules and Plugins for Book Library Book Library Realised with a large number of modules and plugins: Modules for Book Library 2.1: * Book Library Top Listing module 2.1 * Books From Same Author module 2.1 * Book Library New Books module 2.1 * Top Books Scroller module 2.1 * Book Library Search Books module 2.1 * Book Library Top10 Books module 2.1 Plugins for Book Library 2.1: * Book Library Search plugin, 2.1 * Book Library Link-in-Content plugin

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Server-side Information, SSI PRO 2.0: True information about Your hosting
Server-side Information, SSI PRO 2.0

module on your hosting? Why the script which you bought / downloaded doesn`t work? Why the technical support service assures you that the module, which you wanted, is installed, and your script does not work as before? How to determine the version of the modules installed? How to determine the Perl version? How to find, where the libraries and modules are installed? Do you want to have information about the server-side environment including a list

perl, enviroments, cpan, server info, hostin info, perl modules

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